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My all time favourite store in New Zealand is hands down Hallensteins! I love everything they sell from their footwear to accessories. I don't ever dream of shopping anywhere else other than Hallensteins. So I decided to add some pieces from Hallensteins and to somehow incorporate Topman to create this outfit. Again, very casual and versatile. Hope you love it as much as I do.!



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I feel that this outfit is very subtle and calm. I love the combination of the faded green T-shirt and the all saints denim jeans. I matched the dull coloured beanie with the darker shaded shoes to add some rusty colours into this outfit and it all went together quite well, I think. Once again I have added the rosary to accessorize the outfit so it won't seem dull or plain. I don't do too well with too many accessories so I always try to stick to the minimal. The darker shaded aviators adds a very stylish touch to the outfit and once again adds to the darker side of the outfit to balance out the colours efficiently.

Have an amazing day guys! 



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I love vintage patterns on literally anything. So I decided to put together an outfit which focused on different Bohemian like patterns. I am in love with these shoes from Topman. I am not usually for jewellery but I decided to add it this time just to experiment! 
A great outfit for university or school. I took a risk with this outfit by pairing a lot of patterns. I feel that it worked quite well together. Like I said I love experimenting! So don't hesitate to take risks because you will learn from your mistakes.



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