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Hi readers, it is 4:03 pm in NZ and I had just gotten out of bed. My semester has began and I am busy ... sleeping in. So I was looking through H&M online and decided to try on some outfits on their virtual models. You guys should give it a go if you are not already aware of this.

Look 1: I went for a casual but yet a formal look. I loved the blazer with the 2 toned t-shirt and the boots fit perfectly with the rusty colors. I added the grey slim jeans to balance out the casual side in this outfit.

Look 2: I wanted to go fully formal but yet stylish and versatile. I am in love with the shirt! It is going on my wish list :) The pants go great with the darker shaded belt and shoes.

Look 3: I was thinking "beach". So I decided to experiment. I paired these yellow swim shorts with the sweater and boots. I don't like carrying a lot of things on me when I am headed to the beach. So this seemed perfect. I would be free off the boots and sweater and just dive into the water. I have been told that it is a little weird to pair the swim shorts with these boots and sweater, but I like to experiment! :)

Look 4: Here, I was also looking to go for a formal yet simple look, again. It's not much. I paired the white shirt with blue pants so the outfit won't seem too dull. I prefer bow ties over ties and I recycled the leather shoes in Look 2.


  1. hey! i love all these looks. my personal favorite is the 3rd one :) i love your blog! i am a huge fan now keep blogging!

  2. woah! you should have more followers! you have amazing taste in clothing. i love like literally everything that is on here.

  3. i am in love with your blog!! i love these outfits. you are a legend