Love of Boxing

To get this look:

A very casual look on a day out. Maybe hiking or just to head out for the day. I feel that the shorts compliment the Rucksack very well and the outfit goes very well together. The Navy blue color dominates this outfit in a very good way. Just so it does not look too plain adding a bracelet seemed a good idea. 

I really think you guys should check out Burton. They have great clothing items and shoes and love their bags! Hope you guys have a good day. 


  1. Hey , i think you have a great sense of style. you remind me of adam galla lol :) great collage

  2. great outfit and blog. I like this shorts.

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  3. the outfits you made are awesome, i mean i would wear them exactly you show it!
    No doubt, you have a great eye on styling ;D

    Nice blog by the way!
    Following you now, hope you follow me too now!