Spring Time At The Beach

To get this look:

It's spring time in New Zealand and I decided to head to the beach to have a great time in the sunny breeze. I wore something simple but also something a little warm. If you don't know much about NZ weather, then I should tell you that if the sun shines bright in this country you can still feel the cold breeze hitting your face and legs. All items are from Hollister Co.. The outfit is very beachy and simply styled to make you look stunning while you relax at the beach watching the rough waves crashing on the huge rocks. I know that it is Autumn in the U.S so hope you guys are having as much fun as I am. :D


  1. you have a great beach style. love the sweater and the colour of the bracelet. love all your posts

  2. thanks for introducing me to hollister ! checked out your blog, really love your style. you are very casual yet dapper. :) x

  3. ur my inspiration! you have such an amazing sense of style! thank you for sharing your outfits with us