To get this look:

I feel that this outfit is very subtle and calm. I love the combination of the faded green T-shirt and the all saints denim jeans. I matched the dull coloured beanie with the darker shaded shoes to add some rusty colours into this outfit and it all went together quite well, I think. Once again I have added the rosary to accessorize the outfit so it won't seem dull or plain. I don't do too well with too many accessories so I always try to stick to the minimal. The darker shaded aviators adds a very stylish touch to the outfit and once again adds to the darker side of the outfit to balance out the colours efficiently.

Have an amazing day guys! 


  1. this is my fav outfit , i love your style

  2. WOW! you are amazing! i love this outfit! you are so great at mens fashion. followed! im george by the way! :)

  3. great outfit! love your blog

  4. Hey dude! i love your blog. you have great sense of style. following you. if i worked at a retail store id hire you in a heartbeat. thumbs up!