The Traveler

To get this look:

So.. as you all know it's a busy week for a lot of fashion bloggers. ITS FASHION WEEKK!! I am quite sad that I was not able to attend , I could not go to NZ's either :(
Hopefully next time I can spare some time to check out the fashion week, since I have never been to one. I put together this outfit because a lot of bloggers are probably going to be travelling towards NYC. And I feel that this is an amazing outfit to wander the airport in. 

 I feel that comfort is the key thing when you are travelling and why not do it in style. The Holdall Bag is great to lug around the airport, big enough to fit all the clothes for the week.  Add on the wayfarer to top the look and there you have it. A Very comfortable , yet stylish out for travel. 


  1. you should really attend fashion week in nyc! dream come true for any bloggers. great outfit! :) good choice of color :) something i would definitely wear when i travel

  2. I really like the sweater, nice colours :) http://www.hausoferick.blogspot.com/

  3. i dont know , but maybe you like my style and want to follow me...


    1. love your style! followed :) hope you follow back too .

  4. great outfit and style . love the jeans

  5. thanks for introducing me to burton :) you have a great blog! and i love your fashion sense

  6. amazing stuff, love the whole outfit!!

    cool blog too, will follow u