Old School

To get this look:

Hey guys! sorry I haven't posted in a long time. I'm currently on my last week of recess before university starts, so I am catching up with friends and doing as much as I can before my freedom ends.

I decided that I have been doing too many casual outfits and put together this totally different outfit. I miss the old school days, sometimes I feel that the men's fashions back then was so much better than now. 

This outfit can be worn anywhere, somewhere formal or just for a causal lunch/dinner. I am really in love with the shirt! This outfit is perfect if you are attending a wedding/engagement party. I feel that these colors combine perfectly, even though they are all along the same shade. I have added brown shoes and yellow braces to add a different touch of colour to the dull outfit. 

My Inspiration:


  1. finally lol. I have been waiting for you to upload something :) great choice of clothing! love your style

  2. hey, you have a great sense in style. love your blog :)

  3. i wish men would dress more like you! :) i love it. wish you would upload something so we can see your face :)

  4. thanks for the idea! its my cousins wedding this weekend and i am soo going to wear this ! the outfit is hot ! and its exactly what i was looking for your in time my friend! love your amazing blog! looks great and im sure you do too ;) great style

  5. Nice great outfit