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One thing that has always been on my to do list is to go on a road trip. The last road trip that I had taken was with my girlfriend , but it involved working while I was on the road. Sometimes I feel that life gets so hard that I just want to pack my bags , jump in the car and DRIVE!. The feeling of blasting loud music and driving on the highway at the speed of 100 km/hour is the most amazing feeling in the world. An escape to your problems. 

I know that people always say - face your problems and don't run away from it. But personally I think that some times you just have to RUN. No matter what the problem is it is always good to clear your mind and sometimes get away from the issue.

Have a great day guys. X


  1. wow! i love this. very casual and stunning

  2. I am so in love with this. The bag is perfect. hope you are feeling alright x

  3. Great choice of shoes. I love your blog. Very dapper and casual. good work

  4. Hi nice tumblr and blog. Love the jacket. Love your style.

  5. wow! amazing outfit!! <3

  6. wow)) like your Outfit so much))
    great look)))
    adorable style))