All Saints  Beanie  Crew Jumper Jeans Nordstrom  Shoes Sunglass Hut  Glasses Coach  iPad Sleeve

It is a very gloomy day in New Zealand. The smell of rain and the feel of the mellow breeze is putting me to sleep. As for the outfit I am loving colors like these (rust). I was going for a very chic look here. A stylish yet smart outfit. A head turn for sure!. This will have to be one of my favourites of the many that I have done. Only because I always opt to in-cooperate casual with chic. You do not need a blazer or tie to look dapper and chic. The key thing is to combine similar colors or multiple for some matters. 


  1. Soo cute! one of my favs. i love the sunnies

  2. wow, great colors. I love your sense of style. x