Bags Bags Bags!!!

It can sometimes be a challenge when you are out shopping for bags. Yes, some of us are certain on what we want, but when it comes to me I feel that different bags are for different needs. Therefore, it is dire that you are able to choose the right bag for the right occasion or need.

MATERIAL: Firstly it is a good idea to select what type of material you are looking for. Leather is usually a common one, but once again it really depends on what you are using it for. Other than leather you also have the choice of canvas, waxed cotton and a few others . It all depends on your personal style. Keep in mind that lesser quality bags will use synthetic material , which won't age well, and thinner fabrics can often fray and wear out. Look for quality stitching and solid hardware. Saving up for a costlier bag is better than buying a cheap one and getting rid of it in a few months.

NEED: What do you need a bag for? Do you need a bag to stow away your gym clothes along with your laptop, or something sleeker to house your iPad and a few files. If you commute on a bike or do a lot of walking, you might be interested in a rucksack. Gadget lovers should opt for plenty of pockets.

UPKEEP: A bag can practically last forever, IF you keep it in a clean and tidy condition. That means checking the stitching and the corner making sure that there is no wear and tear and cleaning it every few months would help. Condition leather bags and clean canvas in soap and water. (But please don't throw them in the washer, that is one way of ruining a great bag)

Keep in mind that it is the quality rather than the quantity of money that matters. I have put together some bags, some are on the cheap side, but some on the costly side. I would recommend sites like Topman and urban outfitters if you are university or school student. They have great bags in spectacular styles. However, if you looking for quality bags I suggest J.Crew, Nordstrom and Fossil. That is if you are willing to spend a lot of money.


  1. Great Post! you actually helped me alot :) good luck with your blog

  2. hey great post. i bike to work so you helped me alot. i am thinking of buying a messenger or rucksack. i travel on bike for an hour to work. which do you think is best. i usually just take some lunch and some documents , would you recommend and rucksack or messenger?

  3. hey Jonny, I know a messenger would be the most common bag which is lugged around for bikers. But I personally think you should go with a rucksack. It's out of the way and you would feel more comfortable riding. Like I said, check out Topman or Burton.uk

    They have great rucksacks and some of them are quite cheap. Good luck :) and thanks for the comment.

  4. Awesome! thanks for the advice. :) I checked out these sites.